Coriolis Series

“For over fifty years— in a renown career that began before Bruce Beasley left his undergrad studies at UC Berkeley – this artist has enjoyed critical and market acclaim as one of the preeminent abstract sculptors in the world.

For thirty of those years Bruce Beasley has produced computer assisted sculptures whose fine art legitimacy few dare question. His international stature, his sensitive investigations into the visual and emotional qualities of geometric form, place Beasley firmly in the legacy of major modern masters like Henry Moore, Brancusi, Chillida, and  David Smith.

In this show of his newest works —  collectively called the Coriolis —  globally recognized sculptor Bruce Beasley pioneers a revolution in fine art sculptural process: the use of 3-d printing to produce finished, indisputably fine art aesthetic objects.

Here, we see a noted fine art sculptor with undeniable credentials in art history employ the increasingly visible, popular and state of the art 3-d printing to actually produce finished and significant works of fine art – not the pop trinket applications hyped in the current press.”

Marlena Doktorczyk-Donohue